Nissan GTR Concours – in this time with only a few thousand clicks on the clock, But showed slight signs of watermarks. Blemishes and might swirls to medium marks on the paintwork.. as always.

we ran it down with our premium multistage prep work, decontaminating rear area where bumper is easily contaminated with particles that blast from the exhaust pipes. Nissan GTR Concours
Machine polishing with ultra fine jeweling polishes to refine and intensify gloss levels, before coating the whole vehicle with POMPONAZZI, ceramic Quartz Coating. Wheels were sprayed with thinned down, ultra fine gravity fed gun to spray rims with a intensive, chemical resistant coating. Nissan GTR Concours. Porsche
Everything from front chrome grill, rear tail-lights, external glass, interior leathers, driver side pedals, air-vents, internal details were attended too, cleaned, detailed, rejuvenated and protected. Ford Mustang Detail
Certain areas were client pointed to us where silt had washed down and stained as it was dried, and age or time had oxidised areas, we machine polished, rejuvenated and coated.
Working under extensive LED lights that flood the car with amplified lighting conditions, we wanted the best finish possible, we ensured we went through final stages of machine polishing with multiple passes of ultra, ultra fine polishes to intensify the final finish before we coated the whole vehicle with POMPONAZZI.
Quartz Ceramic Coating Protective
-Long Durable Permanent Gloss
-Added Sacrificial Layer
-UV and Etching Protection
-Bird Acid Resistance
-Weather Elements
-High Chemical Resistance
-Surface slickness improves swirl resistance or light scratches
-Improves maintenance with hydrophobic properties
-Glass coating protects against water etching
-Rim Coating is heat resistant and has hydrophobic properties.

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