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Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycling Detailing was originally taken up by The Ultimate Detailer years ago. We take pride in being the premier auto detailing location in Melbourne. There is no other detail company that will take care of your car/bike as if it were their own. We take the utmost pride in our work and operate with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The Ultimate Detailer is owned and operated by a car enthusiast in Melbourne. When we are not taking care of customer’s cars/bikes, we are taking care of our own.

We treat each car/bike that we touch as if it were one of ours because that’s the way we’d want someone to feel when working on our own cars/bikes. We consider it the “Golden Rule” of automotive care.

Since we’re not happy unless our customers are, we operate on a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your finish within 30 days, bring it back to us and we’ll correct the problem at no cost to you.

I take pride in The Ultimate Detailer, the reputation we have developed and the level of work we produce on a daily basis.

If you own a street bike, a cruiser or even a custom chopper Pristine Touch also offers the right detail service for your motorcycle to enhance and protected its appearance. Motorcycles also require the same attention to detail or in some occasions even more attention than automobiles to properly clean and protect their delicate surfaces.


 Enthusiast Ride Detail

Our entry level, Enthusiast Ride Detail and our most economical detail we offer to clean, enhance and protected your motorcycle. Like any other of our details your motorcycle is washed to remove dirt and loose contaminants.

Then followed by applying a wax to its paint finish to add a little shine and most important protection. Highly recommended to help maintain recently detailed motorcycles or if you wish to clean it up and protect its paint finish.


  • Exterior Hand Wash – Low Pressure Rinse
  • Ph Neutral Shampoos
  • Wash & Clean Wheels/Brakes
  • Degrease Tires
  • Degrease Wheel Wells
  • Rinse Motor
  • Chamois Dry
  • Air Blow Exterior
  • Clean Windows/Mirrors
  • Hand Polish Mufflers
  • Perspex Frontscreen/Guard Cleaned for Visibility
  • DA Machine Wax
  • Hand Wax Details
  • Spray Detail Chrome & Spray Detail Bodywork

Connoisseur Deluxe Detail

Our Connoisseur Deluxe Detail delivers and offers a clear difference compared to our Wash-Wax detail. Just like our Premium Detail it includes a thorough cleaning of every surface of your precious motorcycle.

Close attention and care is put on your motorcycles paint finish to remove hairline scratches and swirls, leaving a deep wet shine. Highly recommended if you like to detail your motorcycle couple times a year.


  • Pre-Agitate and Thorough clean Foam Cannon Wash
  • Exterior Hand Wash with Ph Neutral shampoo
  • Wash & Clean Wheels, Degrease Chain and surrounding sprocket
  • Degrease Tyres of dirt and trapped/Embedded particles
  • Degrease Wheel Wells, and any Visible Engine parts
  • Rinse & Degrease Motor
  • Chamois Dry
  • Air Blow Exterior
  • Clean Windows/Mirrors
  • Clay, Decontaminate and Clean Plastics
  • Detail hand Application on Bike Frame 
  • Engine Cover is Hand Waxed, and Detailed
  • Mufflers and Exhausts are hand Polished
  • 1 Step Machine Polish using non silicone polishes
  • Machine DA Machine Wax – Scholl Concepts
  • Hand Wax Details of surrounding wheel rims
  • Shampoo Vinyl/Leather & Condition Vinyl/Leather

Ultimate Premium Package

The Premium Detail service is all you been looking for to enhance your motorcycle back to its pristine condition. A thorough cleaning and enhancing of every surface on you precious motorcycle.

No surface will be left un-touched. We highly recommend it for motorcycles that need heavy polishing on paint and chrome or if you are just looking to return your motorcycle to its pristine condition.


  • Low/Medium Rinse to agitate dirt and particles
  • Foam Cannon shampoo onto Bike
  • Exterior Hand Wash with Ph Neutral shampoo
  • 2 Part Decontamination of Paintwork with Clay & BDX spray
  • Citrus Degrease sprockets, chain and surrounding engine
  • Citrus Degrease, Wash & Clean Wheels
  • Citrus Degrease, Clean Tyres
  • Degrease Wheel Wells & BDX ferrous particle breakdown
  • Rinse & Degrease, Clean and brush Motor
  • Chain is degreased with Citrus, Rinsed, Dried, and Re-Greased with Specified Chain Product.
  • Chamois Dry with Non Lint PVC Synthetic
  • Particular and Specified Parts are Masked beforehand prior to Paintwork Correction of Swirl marks, light Scratches, Scuffs. Pre-Inspection is done prior to detail.
  • 1st Step Compound
  • 3rd-4th Step Polish
  • DA Machine Wax
  • Rejuvenate Plastics with non Silicone, but Polymer Protectant, Permanent Rejuvenate of trims
  • Hand Wax with Collonite 476s Wax, Durable, detergent proof Hard Double Coat of WAX, extremely Hydrophobic – Lasts up to 1 Year, guaranteed – Optional GTECHNIQ
  • Hand Wax Chrome/Mirror work
  • Exhausts and Muffler, Cleaned, polished and sealed
  • Metal Exhausts or any Metals can be Coated
  • Shampoo Vinyl/Leather & Condition Vinyl/Leather

$POA (best to call for reccomended tailored package)

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