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Jul 19, 2016






Audi R8 Pomponazzi


Audi R8 Pomponazzi. Audi of America says the V-8 Spyder will arrive in the U.S. in early 2011 with a 430-hp version of Audi’s 4.2-liter V-8, which coupes also will receive for 2011. A gated six-speed manual will be standard, while Audi’s R tronic automated manual will be optional. Although the 2011 model year starts this fall, 2011 R8 coupes won’t arrive until the Spyder shows up next year. If Audi keeps the weight gain to somewhere near the 220-pound difference between the V-10 coupe and Spyder models, the 4.2 Spyder should be able to knock out a 0-to-60-mph sprint in about 4.2 seconds.

Audi R8 Silver came at a time where under its silver armour, under lighting displayed the severe and typical light scratching caused by years of build up of washing and wiping. Typical swirl marks were evident on the paintwork, that gives a roughness when gliding hands over the paintwork.
Paintwork went through a Ultimate 24 Step Washing process, where specified chemicals were treated and focused on breaking down particles where ferrous particles especially are bonded over periods of time. Clay and Clay Cloths especially were used after a 3 stage wash was worked to rid particles and to rectify the roughness before we could prep the surface before mass paint correction was carried out.
All front and rear lamps and lights showed typical dulling, and was alaso identified to go through a typical polishing phase through the ultimate concours detail.
Wheels and Guards were attended to, making sure rims were taken off carefully to rid tar spots and heavy road ash and grime that have bonded to inner rim walls. Clay and deocontamination were carried through, before polishing so that a heavy coating period was sustained to ensure easier cleaning in future.
Paintwork also showed typical etch marks, as silver masks alot of defects, but we made sure that lighting was sure to expose defetcs rather than over illuminate the areas of the defects, so that a typical 3 stage correction level was sufficient to be achieved.
Interior and engine bay went through its typical Ph Neutral Wash, and steam clean and lots of wiping as heavy oils both engine wise and internally from body oils, was wiped away before rejuvenating engine bay with Pomponazzi on plastics and specified areas, and SWISSVAX leather nutrients were embalmed on the German Leather.
From Photos we can identify, a huge boastful 6 day detail, that made sure every step along the way was acrried out to deliver a near new Detail for its meticulous Owner. Pomponazzi detailed and protected, a genuine 9H hardness coated external paintwork and plastics.
Typical follow through on internal boot compartment plastics were rejuvenated, exhaust tips were polished, Calipers and Rotor brakes went through some serious polishing and cleaning. Internal Trim, plastics an ddashboard, heavily steam cleaned, before applying a 303 protective coating for future protection against UV Rays.

Mobil: AUDI R8
Colour: SILVER
DETAIL: Ultimate Concours Detail
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