Portolio Mix

Professional Melbourne Detail Studio Workshop Portfolio blend of photos from the Ultimate Detailer. Paintwork Ready – Cars in for premium detailing’ & full preparation to prepare paintwork and glass ready for pre-polishing and correction to amplify gloss levels whether it be Japanese, Australian, American or German Paintwork.

Glass can also be coated with our Signature Glass coating with Anti Water spotting issues and also hydrophobic properties. Paintwork itself are coated with Our Single/Dual/Tri/Quad Coating Systems of Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection Package. Under IR lamps for final Acceleration of Curing on the Final Top Coat. Visit our Detail Studio Workshop Portfolio.

We also offer Extensive work to guarantee all coverage for maximum protection against stonechips and scratches. STEK PREMIUM DYNOSHIELD has a 10 year warranty, with also a hydrophobic finish and self healing abilities leaving scratches to disappear under heat activation.

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