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Jeep SRT-8 Correction & Coating


(We do not apply Pomponazzi Anymore)

Pomponazzi Jeep SRT-8 Like the hot Commodore, the SRT had a big-cube V8 engine. While the modified Holden had a capacity of ‘only’ 5.0 litres, the big Jeep had no less than 6.4 litres behind its iconic seven-slot grille.

Not only was the Jeep SRT helped by the relentless improvements in automotive technology over the years, it also had the benefit of four-wheel-drive to minimise wheelspin off the line.

Electronic launch control ensured each of the Jeep’s four tyres got just the right amount of torque from moment to moment through the Quadra-Trac 4WD system. Finally, it was running on sticky tarmac at Willowbank.

OK, it had a lot going for it, but the big Opticoat Jeep SRT-8 was still a two-tonne truck and it was putting down ridiculously quick times. I mentioned the relentless improvements in technology, but the engine of the Grand Cherokee SRT (the acronym for Sport & Racing Technology) is still an old-style Hemi V8 without any overhead camshafts or multi-valves. No, siree, this big 392-cubic inch, 460 powerplant has just two overhead valves per cylinder and they’re activated by old-fashioned pushrods.

Where the technology is evident, though, is in a thoroughly modern electronic fuel injection system. The Hemi V8 produces 344kW of power at 6250rpm (big revs for a large capacity V8) and a handy 624Nm of torque at 4100rpm.

Fuel consumption? If you need to ask you should be shopping for something else. Despite having an engine that can revert to being a four-cylinder unit in light-duty running this big machine still likes a drink. Expect to be using 12 to 15 litres per hundred kilometres in normal driving, and even more in around town commuting.

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Car: Opticoat Jeep SRT-8
Colour: Metallic Black
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Studio Workshop: 6/1 Rushdale Street, KNOXFIELD, 3180
Paint Protection by: POMPONAZZI
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