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Ford Mustang GT Detail & Coating Works

Ford Mustang Ceramic Glass Coat – Pomponazzi


Ford Mustang Ceramic Glass Coat – Inspired by the classic airplane cockpit feel.

The Mustang is built for a performance driving experience. Everything has been placed for optimum comfort and feel.


Car Make: Ford

Model: Mustang

Detail: New Car Paint Protection Preparation

  • High-Pressure Rinse
  • Foam Cannon Rinse using PH Neutral Shampoo 
  • Shampoo & Wash of Exterior 
  • Wheels, arches cleaned with Citrus Degreaser
  • Full paintwork clay-bar, removes all embedded contaminants inc. iron particles)
  • Paintwork Correction to Stage 3 Level
  • Heavy Swirl marks, buffer marks with wet sanding
  • IPA Wipe-down – ensuring all oils/polish/wax are removed for proper bonding.
  • Air Dry followed by Hand dried Chamois (Lint Free)
  • Followed by hand dried “deep pile” micro fiber terry towels
  • Paint Protection Applied using Exclusive Coatings
  • Full Infrared Technology to Cure Coating in House
  • Glass Coatings with 9H Hardness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Tyres Conditioned & Dressed

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The driver’s seat has been set to a low, sporty position. The gear stick and steering wheel feel just right in your hands. Positioned to leave ample clearances for the controls and extra legroom.

You feel connected to the road, in complete control, and dialed in for performance.


Design the Mustang


Ford Mustang Ceramic Glass Coat, Everything about the all-new Mustang’s design makes your jaw drop. The sharp HID headlamps and signature tri-bar tail laps.

The front end that screams energy. The sleek, lean and low body. The improved aerodynamics. Designed with a passion for the legend that is Mustang – this is as good as it gets.


Make: FORD
Year: 2016
Colour: Solid Black
Defects: Light Dealership scratches, light watermarks, heavy glaze trails, holograms (buffer marks) 
Intensive 2 stage Correction
Coating: UDC 10H 9 Year Warranty Coating
Dual Layered Ceramic 10H Hardness Coating – Wheels Coated

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